Consulting Services


Software Engineering

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Software design for robotics, machine vision and industiral automation is our primary consulting focus. The majority of the robitics projects we undertake are embedded systems involving micro controller based hardware providing hard real time functionality. These systems are typcially networked with Linux or Windows based PC hardware to provide machine vision and user interface functionality. We have extensive experience working with both small and large systems, involving real time requirements, in environments where reliability is critical.


Digital Hardware Design

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The robotic automation systems we develop typically involve custom electronics, therefore CyberData also has extensive experience in digital hardware design. Combining both software and hardware services in one location reduces design time, costs, risk and improves the overall performance. We have found this unique combination of skills allows us to succeed where other consulting services have not.


Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid prototyping will allow you to quickly and inexpensively determine which of several approaches will be best for your product. Rapid prototyping can also be used to develop proof of concept hardware to determine if a project is worthy of additional investments, before embarking on a full development program. The combination of software and hardware development allows CyberData to quickly and inexpensively build complete prototypes and refine those prototypes into actual products.


Employee Mentoring & Training

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CyberData works with your key employees, in a one on one format, to help them reach their maximum potential, increasing their value to your company. Programs are designed for each specific individual to meet the needs of that individual and their current career path. These programs are frequently used to train personnel on robotics / automation solutions developed by CyberData as the new automation solution transitions from development into production.

Please visit our Project Showcase for a tour of some of the projects that CyberData has completed over the years!